Governing Programmes of Change
(course code GOVG1)


MSP is a programme management method that is focussed on major transformational change but that will be useful in the control of any type of programme. It is designed to act as the 'filter' between ambiguity at strategic level and precision at project level. The MSP method consists of 3 integrated elements - 7 Principles, 9 Governance Themes and 6 Processes in a Transformational Flow - with supporting advice at all levels on governance, on integration between programme and project governance and controls, and on tailoring the method to best meet organisational and programme needs. This briefing will induct delegates into programme governance in an MSP environment.

Course Objectives

By the end of this briefing, participants will be able to:

  • Describe at a high level a robust approach to programme management method;
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Sponsoring Group and the Senior Responsible Owner;
  • Understand associated governance support functions and processes;
  • Understand the value of a Programme Office and other support functions;
  • Understand the critical importance of benefits identification, validation and realisation to programme success;
  • Describe the other key roles in the MSP organisational structure, and their contribution to effective governance;
  • Describe Programme Board collective and individual duties and behaviours;
  • Describe the activities of Programme Board members across the transformational flow;
  • Understand the value of effective integration between programme and project governance, and mechanisms available.

Who Should Attend

  • Executives and Managers who have been asked to sponsor or govern a transformational change programme for the first time;
  • Programme Office staff who must provide administrative support to those governing programmes;
  • Centre of Excellence staff who will be an organisation's internal experts in programme governance;
  • Other managers and subject matter experts who must provide assurance support to those governing programmes.


There are no prerequisites for this briefing.

Course Content

The briefing will cover the following topics at an Executive level:

  • Overview of the MSP programme management method;
  • The roles of Sponsoring Group, SRO, Programme Manager and Business Change Manager, and associated and supporting roles and functions such as the Programme Office;
  • Roles and responsibilities of Programme Board members;
  • Programme assurance as a programme support function; Gateway Reviews; quality assurance;
  • Designing programme governance arrangements and integrating then into corporate and portfolio governance arrangements;
  • Identifying a programme and gathering organisational support;
  • Designing robust approaches to benefits identification, validation and realisation;
  • Defining a programme and establishing an effective governance framework;
  • Implementing governance arrangements over programme execution; periodic reviews and audits;
  • The role of the Business Case, Blueprint and Benefit Profiles in governance;
  • Interventions and escalations; maintaining control over projects;
  • Governance of transition; managing the risk to business as usual;
  • Confirming programme closure; premature closure and the Pareto principle.

Certification Exams

There are no exams with this course.

Course Fees

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Professional Development

Successful completion of this course may entitle you to credits in various professional development programmes:

Follow-on Courses

We recommend that delegates who complete this briefing should proceed with our Governing programmes and Better Business Cases briefings.

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