Programme and Project Support Offices


Right-sized support for all your projects

The Situation

You've read articles that say that organisations with an effective delivery support structure, including PMOs, experience higher delivery success rates, but you don't know what support structures, functions and costs are justified.

Or your programme and project staff are complaining that your PMO is interfering with them without adding any value. They're asked for ever more complicated reports, but can't see how these reports could help anyone.

And your CFO is asking questions about the cost of the PMO, and you are really having problems in coming up with a credible answer.

Our Approach

Our experienced professionals can help you to identify what functions the delivery support structure should perform. We then help you to establish an effectively operating structure, and support your staff through the initial teething stages. Our consultants ensure that you start realising value from the PMO at the earliest possible time.

For existing PMOs, we help you to assess your PMO's capability and value in achieving organisational objectives. This is done by benchmarking against recognised PMO frameworks and working with you to chart a path to success.

To find out more about how we can help you set up effective delivery support structures, contact us today.

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